Request for Fabric Masks by Childhelp

This approved request is from Raincross Quilt Guild member Gloria H. for Childhelp Village in Beaumont:

Hi Raincross Members!

I have received an urgent request from the Chief Program Officer for Childhelp. They need masks made for the abused children at the Childhelp Village in Beaumont. We need sewers to volunteer and make the masks for the kids. I have a pattern for you to use if you are able to help make masks. The pattern for the masks is simple and quick to make. The pattern is sized for both adults and children.  Please use a generic cotton tightly woven print for right side of fabric that does not have juvenile print nor is specific for males or females. Use a different fabric for the inside that is light or plain colored so it's easy for the users to identify the front side of mask from the inside. I know 1/4" elastic is hard to find and I can provide you some should you need.

Please contact me if you are interested in making masks for the children or if you have any questions (contact information in the 2019 Raincross Quilt Guild membership booklet or on our Facebook page).

I know this is a difficult time for everyone and for anyone that can volunteer to make masks for the kids it would be greatly appreciated. I understand if you can't. In advance, I am deeply grateful for what you have done in the past to support the Childhelp Quilt project, and I hope that you can help make these masks that are urgently needed for these precious children.

"For the Love of a Child"
Gloria H.

- Cassandra G.

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