Supply List for Jan 19 Sew Day

    SEWING MACHINE – bring instruction manual for reference.  Extension bar/table and all accessories
    Don’t forget your foot petal and power cord!
    DARNING FOOT – a MUST for free motion quilting.  An open toe darning foot also works well.
    Straight stitch throat plate (optional).  Bring if you have one.
    25-50 size one (small ones) safety pins.
    Painters Tape
    Sewing machine needles
            80/12 & 70/10 sharp
            or 75/11 quilting
    Cotton thread – off-white or tan – 50 wt.
            Good quality in important and not the “old stuff”
    Ruler for marking straight lines.
    Rubber gloves, fingers, quilter’s gloves, or glycerin
    Basic sewing supplies – scissors, extra bobbins, etc.
    Backing material ( about a yard x wof per quilt)
    Extension cord/multi-plug strip  (if you have one)
    Chair cushion/pillow. 

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