Let's go over one more time for newbies how the Suggested Snack list works. Here's the list:

First thing to remember is the sentence in red above right - this is a suggested rotation. Heard members saying some had four months to bring goodies plus the potlucks.  Not so.  Here is how to interpret the listings:  If your birthday is in February, it is suggested you bring snacks on the three months written in black below the green February Birthdays line.  That would be February, May and September.  It does not mean you bring snacks wherever else February is in black.  Just the ones under February Birthdays.  Then you may choose to bring items to either or both of our June and December potlucks.  There are only two months when Birthday members do not bring food on their birthday month - June and December - they will bring on other months, so that all have the chance to bring snacks five times.  Although there has been confusion, we are providing each other a lot more goodies since we started this plan.  Now why did we do it this way?  Well some month there are few members that have a birthday in that month and very little food was available at meetings.  One of those months is February, and that's why it appears four times in black lettering.  Using this new suggested method on average works out to 28-30 people bringing items toward our light dinner offering at each meeting.   I hope this clarifies any confusion.  Please feel free to email me if you still have questions, and please do share this with any members who don't have computer access.  I, for one, thank you so much for the delightful and delicious goodies you share at the meetings.    Regards, Angie

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