November 2016 Meeting Review

"Merry Christmas" to Alice after she stole Jeri's quilt!
Now that the tryptophan has worn off (and I'm over my cold - ugh), here's your November 2016 meeting review!

It was an action packed evening with our annual Grab Game exchange and our intrepid leader, President Jeri R. started us off with words I think we all feel - "I love being here!" We do too, Jeri, we do too. :)

Sharon C. spoke about Threads of Love. Garments made for Threads of Love from Raincross go to those in need at Parkview Hospital. Sharon said that we unfortunately need more garments and she will have more kits ready to go in January. If you have a kit, please do your best to get it finished and bring to the next guild meeting. We are also planning a Sew Day for Threads of Love coming in the spring. We talked about getting the patterns for the crocheted caps and booties here on the blog and I haven't gotten those yet from Sharon - will post those when I do.

Road to California is coming up fast and now is the time to sign up as a volunteer! Most volunteer positions are for white-gloving, which means donning a pair of white gloves and turning over quilts so visitors can see the back side. I volunteered last year for the first time and I loved it! You get to see the quilts SO much better and share your passion with visitors. You also need to police your area and make sure "handy" visitors don't touch the quilts - it's sad, but there are some who don't understand and I had to admonish a few folks last year who should have known better.

Anyway! If you volunteer for one 2 hour shift, you get a Road ticket/wristband FOR FREE! Do two shifts and you also get a "ROADIE" badge to add your cascading Road pin, and with three shifts, you get early sign up access to next year's classes.

Also of note, Road is teaming up with the Robert and Beverly Lewis Cancer Care Center and Anita Grossman Soloman to make as many quilts as we can on Saturday night, January 21st. Here click to learn more. If you can't make it that Saturday night, you can make blocks ahead of time and either turn them into the Road office in Ontario or Renee will be collecting them at both the December and January guild meetings.

Elly H. introduced us to our last BOM pattern called Another Star - no, really, it's called "Another Star". So creative! Now's your chance to get caught up on your stars as we'll be bringing in our completed 2016 Star BOM quilts at the February meeting.

Next we had our Show N Share and you can check out all the beautiful quilts in the photo gallery. One quilt of note: Elizabeth E. shared her beautiful Circles Quilt that she's finished and the flabbergasting news that it was rejected by Road - WHAT?! The judges must have been blind...we loved it, Elizabeth! Check out more photos and some free patterns for the circles on Elizabeth's blog.

And the main event - the annual Grab Game featuring the winter theme inspired Itty Bitty Picture Perfect Quilts! We saw many amazing mini quilts - and if you couldn't quite see them, definitely make sure you check out the photo gallery! Thanks to everyone who "made something so awesome they want to keep it for themselves" - it really elevated the quality of all of the quilts!

IMPORTANT! The next guild meeting WILL NOT BE ON THE NORMAL DAY! We hope to finalize the date in the next day or so and I will post it as soon as we know.

UPDATE: The meeting is now scheduled for December 15th!

Having said that, the next guild meeting is of course our semi-anual pot luck and everyone is invited, but not required, to bring a treat to share! Jeri also requested that we bring quilts and hand made items from Christmases Past for the Show N Share - this will be a time for you to show something that perhaps you made years ago.

Also a reminder to those in Susan M.'s 9 Patch group - your next batch of 30's themed 9 patch blocks is due at the next guild meeting!

Door Prizes:
Christmas Yard Sign - Jeri R.
Wizard of Oz Santa - Linda A.
Snowman Boot - Julie M.
Moose - Sue C.
Giant mug - Dawn M.

Mystery Box:
- Cassandra G.


Barbara M. said...

Love the addition of music to the video Show 'n Share pictures!

Sue Carter said...

Love the Show n Share video!!

The Raincross Quilt Guild said...

Thanks ladies! Glad you like it. :) - Cassandra