Reminder: Guild meeting Tomorrow!

So much for our June Gloom this year...thing are heating up outside, so time to stay hunkered down in our nice air conditioned sewing rooms and sew like crazy!

Art Quilts by Sharon
Public Service Announcement: With the scorching temperatures forecast for this week, please make sure you check on your neighbors, especially any elderly neighbors, and make sure they are staying cool and hydrated. Please don't leave your dogs or cats outside this week - they're wearing a fur coat, so they're already hot. And make sure you take care of yourself - drink lots of water, wear sun screen if you're going outside for any extended period, and stay cool.

Find a cooling center near you.

Here's your reminder list of things to bring:
  • Your homemade name badge
  • Your Raincross Quilt Guild pin, which is worth an EXTRA ticket in the door prize drawing! If you don't have one, you can purchase one for $5 at the door.
  • If you are participating in the 2017 BOM, the fourth two blocks.
  • Your Itty Bitty Picture Perfect: Summer Edition quilt in an unmarked brown paper bag.
  • If you were born on planet Earth* and you're a member of the guild, you are invited to bring a snack to share for our Summer Potluck (but it's not required!).
  • Bottled water or other non-alcoholic drink
See you all tomorrow!
- Cassandra G.
*Extra terrestrials who are also members are also invited to bring a snack to share

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Carol Holmes said...

Whoohoo! See you tomorrow. Love the sunset quilt!