129th Annual Raincross Quilt Room Tour this Saturday!

Okay fine, it's not the 129th time, but it's more than once and besides, I got your attention!

This Saturday we are meeting in the parking lot of Sears, 5261 Arlington Ave, Riverside, CA 92504 (near the Janet Goeske Center), at 8:30am to carpool together for our fabulous four quilting room tour!

We will be visiting the homes of:

Susan M.
Dorothy M.
Cassandra G. (oh I should be vacuuming right now!)
Carol H.

Locations are approximate to protect the innocent!

Full addresses and maps will be provided at Sears. Super tasty nibbles and beverages will be provided at each of our homes. Open to guild members and well behaved guests!

Please contact Jeri R. or Susan M. if you have questions and otherwise, see you Saturday!
- Cassandra G.


Carol Holmes said...

So how many years is it? lol

Angie in SoCal said...

Have fun - they always sound like they are. Someone take photos please for those of us who can't attend due to another event. Blessings!