Raincross Quilt Room Home Tour Photos

But first, if I may speak collectively for all of us, our hearts and prayers go out to the families, loved ones and friends of the victims of this terrible attack in Belgium. May they find peace and healing, may we find a way to end this kind of senseless violence. #prayforbelgium


Two weekends ago, we journeyed far and wide to tour the quilting rooms of four of our members - Susan M., Dorothy M., Cassandra G., and Carol H. - and what a tour it was! We now have permission from all four home owners to share the photographs taken by our own Ann M. (thanks Ann!). Here is one from each home - you can enjoy all of them here or in the slideshow on the right!

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Sharon Kasner said...

Thank you all for allowing the photos! I missed the tour and was so sorry but now I get a peek at what I missed. Looking forward to the next tour. Sharon K-T