Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Quilters

Sometimes I get that itchy, want-to-start-a-new-project AND play-with-my-phone feeling and I found this page on About.com that I thought I'd share!

 I personally have been using BlockFab-HD by Mary Kay Podlecki on my iPad for years. BlockFab is a quick fabric calculator for nearly 100 classic quilt blocks. You can also check out Mary Kay Podlecki's other apps, QuiltFab and QuiltRef!

What apps have you found useful to aid your sewing? Share your comments!
- Cassandra G.

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dogloverlaura said...

Thanks, Cassandra. This is wonderful. Personally, I use Quick and Easy Quilt Block Tool by CT Publishing for my Kindle. It has a list of 102 quilt blocks with all different sizing charts to make a block. I will have to check out the apps you listed. Great ideas!.