Reminder: "Quilts of Valor II" program on KVCR tonight

Sorry the guild meeting review is a little late - I will get it up tonight after work. The luck of the Irish was not with me yesterday and I spent a little time in ER, but the good news is I just have vertigo and not something more serious. Yay?

Anywho, I want to make sure to get this out before it's too late and remind you to set your DVR's! A TV program about Quilts of Valor will be airing tonight, Friday, March 18, at 10:30 pm on KVCR-PBS 24.1 (Channel 9 Palm Springs). From the TV listing:

"Quilts of Valor II reunites national quilting celebrities Alex Anderson, Mark Lipinski and host Marianne Fons from the original Quilts of Valor to work on one magnificent, new Quilt of Valor. As they sew, the quilting gurus share quilt-making tips with viewers, and speak from the heart about what being involved in making quilts for veterans has come to mean to them. The program also features stories from Nebraska, California, North Carolina and Washington, D.C. , introducing viewers to the people who make Quilts of Valor, and the people who receive them."

If you miss it tonight, there will be an additional airing on 04/29/16, at 1:30 am KVCR-PBS 24.1 (Channel 9 Palm Springs).

Speaking of Quilts of Valor, Katie S. shared with us at Guild this week the message she received from her veteran cousin (I think she said cousin!) Ken A., who received one of our Quilts of Valor:

Thank you for your service Ken! And good job ladies and gents - keep up the good work!
- Cassandra G.


Carol Holmes said...

Really nice article Cassandra. Glad you're okay, vertigo is such a weird thing. Sending prayers.
Carol Holmes


I had one experience with vertigo about 7 years ago. It lasted for 24 hours and if it never happens again I am fine with that. Such a strange thing to just feel like you are spinning when you are not moving at all.

Cassandra Gray said...

Thanks ladies! It definitely not a experience I hope ever happens again - the room wasn't spinning, I just felt incredibly dizzy, nauseous, like I was gonna pass out and I couldn't walk; it lasted about 2 hours. I do have permanent tinnitus in both ears so the doctor thought maybe it's related to it. Get thee to an ear-nose-throat doctor! :D