Quilt Exhibit now at San Diego Museum of Art through September 4th

Florence forwarded me information about an exhibit from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston that is currently in residence at The San Diego Museum of Art, now through September 4th.

"Quilts and Color from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston celebrates the vibrant color palette and inventive designs found in the outstanding array of early American quilts amassed over decades by the collectors Paul Pilgrim and Gerald Roy. Quilts and Color explores the work of craftsmen who, since the 19th century, have combined classic American quilting patterns with an innate and sophisticated grasp of color theory. The works in the exhibition are grouped according to visual effects, including chromatic vibrations, mixtures, gradations, harmonies, and optical illusions. In all, Quilts and Color presents nearly fifty-works of eye-popping designs that echo the works of mid-20th century Abstract Expressionism and so-called “Op arts.” The luminous blending of colors, arresting motifs, and graphic intensity of these works will be a revelation for fans of American craft and Modern Art alike."

Looks awesome - road trip! Thanks for the tip, Florence! :)
- Cassandra G.

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