Hoffman Tour Flyer & Beautiful Patriotic 12" block

UPDATE 6/30/16 2:45pm: The flyer now has the correct Google Maps link.

Omgosh it's been SOO LOOONG since we chatted! How are you?!

Just kidding...it was yesterday - hiya!

Any who, I completed forgot Evie had sent me a flyer for the upcoming Hoffman Tour she's organizing, so many thanks to her for reminding me to put it on the blog! Contact information and instructions are in the flyer. Have fun you guys!

by Marcia Hohn
And Melissa S. sent along a link to a free pattern by Marcia Hohn of The Quilter's Cache called Glory in Scraps which she thought would be great for anyone who was thinking about making that 10" or 12" patriotic block to bring to next month's guild meeting - or really for any quilt you want to make! It's a gorgeous block. :)

Happy Monday! (and I've only had decaf today - whoa)

- Cassandra G.

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