Website Updates - good stuff FOR YOU!

Hi all,

I put in some serious keyboard hours today and updated nearly all the pages on our humble little website. To summarize:


We will now be using Google Calendar to show all events, both recurring like our monthly meeting and unique events like quilt shows, special sew days, tours, and RQG workshops. You can change the view of the calendar by clicking on the tabs on the right hand side as well as print the current calendar view. Hopefully now we'll have an easier medium to communicate events! Email the guild (which Cassandra as the web mistress monitors) to have an event added.

Guild Links

This page has been cleaned up, although not really added to. If you think there are some webpages that might be handy to share, please email the guild.

Community Service

This page has also been cleaned up. If you see inaccurate or missing information, please email the guild.


This page has been roughly organized by year recipe was added. If you have a recipe that you'd like to share or you know is a crowd pleaser... guess what...please email the guild. :D

For Sale

A new item has been added to this page, so check it out! And if you have something you'd like to sell or give a fellow Guild member who can use it, you guessed it, please email the guild.


Finally, several photo albums have been added or updated since my last update, so check the out:
201605 Spring Retreat
201605 Shelley Swanland Embellishment Workshop
201606 Quilts of Valor Presentation

And now I'm pooped...whew!
- Cassandra G.

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